New!  2017/03/09
Bidder count has been displayed in Bid Display.
New!  2017/03/09
The layout of Search List and My Favorite has been changed.
New!  2017/03/03
The layout of Bid Display has been changed.
Add function to save search conditions to 'Search Setting'.
Sort conditions became able to save until log out.
Fixed a bug that can not be done bid on auction day.
The Function of "Candidate Bid" for Group Bid has been released. "Candidate Bid" is not a formal Bid. Group Set in "My Bid" converts "Candidate Bid" into "Bid".
Added the Function to display the market price in the lower right corner of the Car detail screen
The Function of GroupBid has been released. You can create up to 3 groups(up to 3 vehicles per group) per day in the "My Bid" screen and set the number of  purchasing vehicles in groups
The Function of MailSetting has been released. You click "MailSetting" on Menubar and set Email Address for various purposes
The Function of Request Translation Inspection Sheet has been released. You can request translation of Inspection  Sheet and check the translated Inspection Sheet   in the Bid screen
Please note that the service will be temporally stopped between March 26(Sat.) 10 p.m. and March 27(Sun.) 12 a.m. of the Japan time for system maintenance